Avenue Beat ​Rock In Outer Space Lyrics

Avenue Beat ​Interlude Lyrics | The Debut Farewell Album

Description:- Avenue Beat ​Interlude Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Avenue Beat has prepared this song from The Debut Farewell Album. The song is releasing on 15th october 2021.

Song:– Interlude

Singer/Band:- Avenue Beat

Album:- The Debut Farewell Album

Avenue Beat ​Rock In Outer Space Lyrics
Avenue Beat Interlude Lyrics

Avenue Beat Interlude Lyrics

If we didn’t do this album
Wait, what is that interlude supposed to say?
Ah, like in my head, artistic vibes frame
I just wanted to be like something dramatic, where it went from like three to two
But also like maybe it’s better to just be more obvious about it
Hum, Sammy quit the band and these are songs about it, ha
Peace, haha, hahaha
Oh, oh-oh, oh

Avenue Beat ​Interlude Video

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