​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK

​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK | If I Never Know You Like This Again

Description:- ​​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. ​​SOAK has Prepared this song from If I Never Know You Like This Again Album. The song is releasing on 20th May 2022.

Song:– ​​Bleach

Singer/Band:- ​ ​​SOAK

Album:–  If I Never Know You Like This Album

​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK
​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK

​​Bleach Lyrics SOAK

I find your head’s in the weirdest of places, you should see
The state of my face
Remember when we tried to color mine
I looked like a leprechaun for weeks

Did you spill the milk on purpose? Do I look good
Under your heels?
After I left you at the airport
Your voice was ringing through my ears

She’s not gonna save you from yourself

You’re looking up at Mount Fuji and breathing in fast food fumes
And I don’t know if I can do this
My friends say I’m only ever half in the hole
And what if you fall in love overnight
With somе posh boy on a gap year?
I can’t compete with anatomy
I’ll nеver be the real deal

She’s not gonna save me from myself

I drive late at night, I visit memories I like
You live in my rearview mirror and you’re waving all the time
I should be throwing rocks at your window
Catching your keys but I’m sleeping on your side of the bed
I’m losing color on your screen

Instead I’m used to my own company
When I found your smell on my clothes
Tried to suppress the feelings
The best of you compilation explodes

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