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No Report Card Lyrics Ab-Soul

Bucket Lyrics Ab-Soul | HERBERT

Bucket Lyrics Ab-Soul | HERBERT

Description:Bucket Lyrics Ab-Soul are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Ab-Soul & Ambré has Prepared this song which is from Herbert Album. The song is releasing on 16th December 2022.

Song Bucket
Singer/Band Ab-Soul
Album HERBERT Album
No Report Card Lyrics Ab-Soul
Bucket Lyrics Ab-Soul

Bucket Lyrics Little Simz

[Intro: Jay Rock]
Never, never had fun, always had heart
Always had drugs, I don’t give a fuck
Now I ride like a buck, ride, ride like a buck
Never, never had fun

[Refrain: Ab-Soul]
Bang this in your bucket
Don’t worry ’bout nothing

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
I’m controlling this system, you can either rock with them, or
Go to hell, my Pineal Gland been twitchin ever since Kells made the remix to Ignition
My key in the ignition of my little Mitsubishi
Had the eye in 95, but nobody was tryna reach me
Wok and foul stanking, still smell the Cuba though
Tape it up to strap to my portable CD player
Jay-Z playing, Politics as Usual
I was fuckin’ ’round with loops I ripped off BearShare

[Refrain: Ab-Soul]
Yea, ayy man, bang this in your bucket, don’t worry bout nothing
I say bang this in your bucket, don’t worry bout nothing

[Verse 2: Ab-Soul]
Lottie was riding shotty debating about the livelihood of the African-American in America
Hypocrisy & religion, feminism, how television’s degrading our character
Government corruption and the subtle stuff they cover up
Gave me all this knowledge but never gave up the butt
I still kind of wish she gave up the butt
Now we both defending the people just in different ways
You know the more you’re honest somebody, the more you judge ’em
I’m a public speaker humming out your speakers in public

[Refrain: Ab-Soul]
Bang this in your bucket, don’t worry ’bout nothing
I say–
Here we fucking go again with this fucking CD player. Nigga, can you please go over to wherever y’all go, Del Amo swapmeet, something-
Pull over real quick
What? What you gon’ do? Breathe on it with your hot ass cigarette breathe, nigga? Get outta here, nigga. Give it to me so I can fix it. I’ll breathe on it
[?] smoke them cigarettes
She know. She look at them lips. She know
That ain’t because of that, though
Alright, put it back in then, fix it then, now you fix it
Why I gotta fix everything? So I’ll go ahead and do it-This the problem. This the problem, Herb. This is your problem, Herb
Bang this in your bucket, don’t worry bout-

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