Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics

Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics | New Song 2021

Description:- Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Cash Kidd has prepared this song. The song is releasing on 1st October 2021.

Song:– Please Stop Rappin

Singer/Band:- Cash Kidd

Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics
Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics

Cash Kidd Please Stop Rappin Lyrics

Is where my money fucking chit chat, corrupt trade, sparker
Gal bench Backshot trademark got shit in my stash.
Call me James Har and every day Nichols Cap call him hey,
Arnold me this and when I pull up, Nicklas ain’t talking

read Mr.
I put my nice straight owners in this just got cheese from
a square bitch.
Talk about your nails live get Instagram tucking public snakes
lips. What the fuck you Gon do about it?

Nick is real soft trying to some for 200,000.
Sorry deal.
Help like stop tapping out that chain with the real cordial
color purple and the club raining on your head does gave
me Nick hanging off to Big.

Please don’t push hanging off the head.
Hey, please don’t take me.
I ain’t too proud to big A say that shit again.
She like play that shit again, Nick’s.

Hang on the kid but they ain’t on making wine in front of
all have to take them to the chin was sticking we together
because she ain’t a little bit what I please about trapping.
She ain’t go get a check.

Can’t stop hacking.
Nice plant it to the rest.
Please stop yapping if you ain’t gonna get a neck, she must
be a shoplifter she taking from the best last part of the
Miami making plays off a new twist.

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Is she calling me a dog?
But I married to my pet nigga weak in the bitch, please.
I telling him he next.
I’m gonna set him up to God since he ain’t cause I’m blessed
I look this they ain’t gonna please stop rapping.

You ain’t all making coming.
He’s a fish.
It ain’t no saying got some golden head she ain’t no saying
got one in the head it ain’t no angel pocket full of Jackie.
I ain’t no raising Gaspee beating they ain’t gonna save she

she back same day like face Mona is bitch.
Please I wrapped how to fuck a rap be turning to attract
me so the herd shot the star repeat his ass be on a jet sitting
in the front a classy body at the body like a fool legger
with basket.

I talked to bite on her little shit like she asked sucking
Dick. Wow, she’s more tired than the ask the eggs that you
need a recess like Finelli.
Hell no Michel straight.

I want none of your spaghetti.
Fuck wrong with these up.
I got bored with this bit.
Pull up with that sweeper.

They like Thorston my killing.
She later sleep now she now come to get it.
Please start right in where you bore her.
You believe I know they ain’t around but this year so rapid

you ain’t gonna make God damn.

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