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Description:Forest Gump Lyrics ​Yvngxchris are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. ​Yvngxchris & FINLINCE! has Prepared this song which is from Virality Album. The song is releasing on 19th August 2022.

Song Forest Gump
Singer/Band ​Yvngxchris & FINLINCE!
Album Virality Album
Serenity Lyrics ​Yvngxchris
Forest Gump Lyrics ​Yvngxchris

Forest Gump Lyrics ​Yvngxchris

(You is a bitch if you turn this shit off)
Bad model bitch, want my son
Rollin that tiki ZaZa in a blunt
My white plug stay callin’ me a son of a gun
I’ll take a nigga bitch, I fuck her and made her cum
And if a nigga slide on yvngxchris, then he done
No blick, no stick, yeah that nigga type dumb
Rotate on a nigga block, then it get spun

Y’all niggas could never spit like Chris
I did this shit, I’m callin’ up my shooter to get you hit
Bullet make him turn and twist and flip and shit
Flipped a bitch and gave her backshots, dick and shit
I got a bitch tryna cover, have my kids and shit
No blicks and shit, I beat a nigga fist to fist
Or fist to face, I hit a bitch right up in her chest, make her tits deflate
And last night, with your bitch in my bed, had to dick her face, I really hope he didn’t catch the day
Told a nigga, “I could pack it, bitch”
He grab her tits, I had to ask the bitch like, “Can you come and gag and spit?”
I hit that bitch on the phone, told her “Gag on that dick”
B.B. belt on my waist, still saggin’ and shit
Heard guns clappin’, what happened lil’ bitch?
And I steady laughin’, niggas mad in this bitch
I’m a damn savage, I’m the type of nigga make a little dumb bad bitch, drop bags on the dick
Two hunnid on the dash, goin’ fast than a bitch through traffic, seatbelt fast than a shit
And I’m smokin’ this check ’til it’s done
I walk in the club with no fuckin’ ID and they still let me come
I tell that ho, “Give me my gun”
Big-ass Glock make a fuck nigga run (Run, Forrest, run)
Glock make a nigga run fast, Forrest Gump
Got a shawty, finna suck that for a month
And I pull up on a pussy lil’ nigga for talkin’ tough
And lil’ shawty was lovin’ me, fuckin’ me, suckin’ me up
And I don’t want your company, buddy, I’m fuckin’ a slut
And you better lick it up and tell a young nigga, “Nut”
Pull up with the Glock, aim it at a young nigga gut
Yeah, we finna burn ’em, right after, return ’em, I aim at his sternum
Bitch, I’m rockin’ Off-White, R.I.P. Virgil
Guess I’m finna drop now, niggas, I heard ’em
Y’all keep askin’ me like, “Do I really bust ’cause I don’t actually really do all this stuff?”
But if you askin’ me, I can never be touched ’cause in reality y’all vagina as fuck

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Who sang “Forest Gump”?

“​Yvngxchris & FINLINCE!” Sang the Song “Forest Gump”.

When was “Forest Gump” released?

“Forest Gump” song was released on 19th August 2022.

Who produced “Virality” Album?

“3rdup, BLWYRMND, Brizzy on da Beat, Cxdy, DeCarlo, Dylvinci, FINLINCE!, ilykimchi, MATHIASTYNER, Mayyzo, Oogie Mane, thankyoudesmos & ThankYouWill are the producers of Virality Album.

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