Gemini Syndrome ​Baptized in Fire Lyrics

Gemini Syndrome ​Fiat Lux Lyrics | 3rd Degree The Raising

Description:- Gemini Syndrome ​Fiat Lux Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Gemini Syndrome ​has prepared this song from 3rd degree The Raising Album. The song is releasing on 15th october 2021.

Song:– Fiat Lux

Singer/Band:- Gemini Syndrome

Album:- 3rd Degree The Raising Album

Gemini Syndrome ​Baptized in Fire Lyrics
Gemini Syndrome ​Fiat Lux Lyrics

Gemini Syndrome ​Fiat Lux Lyrics


We’re inside the integration chamber at S4. It’s kept dark for the comfort of the Aliens. The a, figure who is just barely visible in the left foreground is the telepath who is the conducting the ritual between the Being and the initiate. Behind him is a seating area for the other Unknown Superiors

The Alien is seated behind a glass partition in a bio containment area, which is maintained at “Bio Safety Level 2,” the lowest designation. That’s primarily for the a… protection of the Aliens, not us. The theory is that uh, that if they were going to infect us with an alien bug it would’ve happened 150 years ago

In fact uh, all the indications are the aliens eliminated microbial and viral life from their own ecosystems long ago. They aren’t, susceptible to our diseases directly, but it had been shown that microbes can reproduce and form colonies in their respiratory systems which tends to exasperate the debilities they seem to suffer anyways in our “environment.”

Uh, In fact here you can see here, the Alien is beginning to flag. Uh, the initiation was not going well. The telepath was trying to clarify some points about the prospect but wasn’t receiving coherent responses. As you can see the Being is in real distress

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At this point the telepath is uh, trying to revive the initiate. Um, he’s trying to communicate with the alien but he’s getting no response. There’s very little he can do. The reintegration can be very traumatizing if the initiate in unable to establish clarity with the Being

The Being raises the initiate only after she lets go completely. This is what they mean when they say, “Let There Be Light.” It’s much more literal than one would imagine. By the way that light is coming from behind his eyes. It looks that way but look at his mouth when he… See?

I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to watch this

That’s what it means. All is One. The Children of the Sun

Gemini Syndrome ​Fiat Lux Video

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