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Goodman Lyrics Ab-Soul | HERBERT

Goodman Lyrics Ab-Soul | HERBERT

Description:Goodman Lyrics Ab-Soul are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Ab-Soul & Punch  has Prepared this song which is from Herbert Album. The song is releasing on 14th December 2022.

Song Goodman
Singer/Band Ab-Soul & Punch
Album HERBERT Album
No Report Card Lyrics Ab-Soul
Goodman Lyrics Ab-Soul

Goodman Lyrics Little Simz

[Intro: Ab-Soul]
Yeah, mic check, mic check, 1-2, uh, yeah
Ayy, man, look

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
Righteous man, wrong one to fuck with, run quick, get an eye exam
Couldn’t see me if I just swam
Couldn’t touch me with Midas hand (Yall don’t feel me though)
Literally, never had a bully thus far, but
Temptation my sparring partner
My guard’s up like the air forced me
Your crucifixion story, therefore (therefore)
Never dare cross me
To speak the good words what we here for (listen)
With that you know
Don’t even get me startеd with a sentence lеss we talkin’ bout capping, too (no cap)
Yeah, Ab-Soul after loot, that’s true, put it together
Absolute, that’s true, you know
Soul glow like a spray for your natural
I ain’t as friendly but I move like Casper move
You never seen me with a semi, I ain’t have to shoot
To keep an El Capitan, theatrical
Never wore a rosary or went to confession
But if I could clean this mess up with a message, it’ll be a blessing
God willing, you may have heard of Jack and Jill
But we not healing (man)
Niggas still packin’ steel
Man, we need to stop tripping (yeah)
Why throw your block up if you not buildin? (huh)
And the streets keep watching every step I take
They wanna chop it up with Soul like the old Kanye
The angel with an angle, the demon that means well
Rewrite history then sell it for retail, yeah

[Skit: Sample]
A good person who is clearly triumphant, isn’t an interesting guy
What we want is a game where it always seems that the good side is about to lose

[Verse 2: Punch]
Standing on the shoulder of giants
A good man turned tyrant
That’s the after effects of my environment
I’m much more enlightened, my senses are more high than
Me and A B hyphen like the clash of the titans
Ducking the sirens, Gorgon on my gourmets
Heart of stone over the organs, flow like Poseidon
I’m like a lycan, no silver lining, I don’t like what you writing
You a little outta line, you believe the hype
Sooner or later, you feel the wrath of my bite
And I ain’t even gotta slide, I might do it out of spite
Niggas is testing my imperfections
Till I run a misdirection, and blitz your whole section
This might offend my political connections
Jigga told me why bother with peasants
A good man, might I remind myself
But I chop you boys in half, you get beside yourself (haha)

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