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Highway Lyrics Guardin | ft. Sewerperson

Description:Highway Lyrics Guardin are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Guardin has Prepared this song. The song is releasing on 5th August 2022.

Song Highway
Singer/Band Guardin & Sewerperson
Album NA
Highway Lyrics Guardin
Highway Lyrics Guardin

Highway Lyrics Guardin

[Intro: Sewerperson]
Emtpy my [collection?] in a box above the driveway
Just like when we talk about, I’m doin’ this shit my way
Emtpy my [collection?] in a box above the driveway
Guess we can’t be everything we thought

[Verse 1: guardin]
I guess it’s too hard to digest
Follow what you fear and measure it out in the Pyrex, I guess
I’m less invested in side quests
Quasimodo my set, death is what I might check, might check
My stress, devil’s been subsided
Blinded by the eyes of a girl from the island
[?] facе [?] red lips and red eyеlids
She is my Medusa, I am her Poseidon
Hey-yo, I just call again in to say
I been doing fine, so please don’t worry ’bout a thing
Yeah, I’m working on myself again, the progress comes in waves
I feel bad about myself when I start exploiting these waves
Hypothetically, if I was there would have been more to say?
But you tell me to my face, I’ll wait it out another day
Got a lot up on my plate, tonight I’m [wild?] in LA
Guess there’s more to life than this, swear I’m a million miles away

[Verse 2: Sewerperson]
Quick hit a [thing?] for this flesh that keeps you warm
I take out the things [?] of my body, I made a home
I feel like [?] fucks another [infernal?] person leave me bruised
I feel yucky, wanna feel right inside my place with you
Super magic in this blunt is perkin’ my shit [?] not blue
And I put purple inside my cup and sip, this shit ain’t self abuse
Even in this [?] poppin’ sips, I’m number two
But if you love me how I love you, it’d be boring, baby, it’s true
But these drugs will take away the, take away all the, take away the pain
I hope I can feel my body [?] morning
But now I swear, I’m locked away inside of my brain

[Outro: guardin]
Yeah, in my brain, whispering stories
Or I’ll fake out my [alivence?]
Inside my grave, diggin’ up flowers, they’re all grey, hey

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Who sang “Highway”?

“Guardin” Sang the Song “Highway”.

When was “Highway” by “Guardin” released?

“Highway” song was released on 5th August 2022.

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