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Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics

Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics | Dr Trap 2

Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics | Dr Trap 2

Description:- Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Joey Trap has prepared this song from Dr Trap 2 Album. The song is releasing on 9th January 2022.

Song:–  HOVA 2

Singer/Band:- Joey Trap

Album:–  Dr Trap 2 Album

Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics
Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics

Joey Trap HOVA 2 Lyrics

Ayy, raise that, raise that bitch up for me, nigga, motherfuck

‘Cause I’m feelin’ like that H to the is O, V to the is A
Fat blunt like Lizzo, packs gettin’ busy
Suge around the block, we sellin’ sack ’til we dizzy
MAC on my hip [?] (Uh)
She like coke and molly, when she hit it it’s a poker face (Mwah)
I know my whip fast, it’s a Lamb, but I ain’t come to race
Baby is we fuckin’, or I’m leavin’, I ain’t come to date
Only reason I’m on Instagram is ’cause I love the hate
I’m on that flash, hit it, I came to pass
Nigga, the block is hot, I keep the brass with me
I get the bad bitches, son of a bitch, why is you mad?
Nigga, I live the lavish, so I’m never takin’ out the trash
Nigga, I’m busy bomb, bitches on
Get the pack and get ’em gone, it’s on the phone
Niggas reapin’ what they sown, I’m in the zone
I’m gettin’ bags, I’m gettin’ chrome, you gettin’ lones
I be with my sons in the trap spot, Nova
I am not no regular rapper, treat me like Hova
We was in the city with bricks and it’s late October
Once a .26 hit my nigga it’s gettin’ colder
We gettin’ equity, see the diamonds on the bezel with the clarity
Bought a bitch, another night she wanna marry me
Bitch we fuckin’, I ain’t never do no charity
I be ridin’ ’round the city in that chariot
This a mansion my nigga, this ain’t the Mariot
Diamonds dancin’, they bouncin’ like water on a yacht
How you lovin’ that bitch and you know that she a thot
How you cuffin’ that bitch and you know that she a bot
Uh, I been feelin’ like that nigga, huh
But I got pride on my [?], let me put that shit aside
You drew that knife across your neck, they think you suicide
We go crazy ’bout that check, be glad you still alive
Heard the police comin’ through but we gon’ still gon’ slide
Heard you niggas got some choppas, well, we still arrive
Huh, like what the fuck is up
Run it up, niggas smokin’ gas, I got the double cup
Sippin’ mud, I’m a thug
I be walkin’ with the slug, not a bug
I will never catch a case, ’cause I don’t trust
Police tryna ask me questions, nigga, I don’t budge, uh
Ayy, let that rock nigga
I keep a chop with me, this not a Glock, it’s fuck a cop, nigga I’m-

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