Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics

Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics | ANH | New Song 2021

Description:- Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. ​Lil Kapow & Shotgun Willy has prepared this song. The song is releasing on 12th november 2021.

Song:– Breakdance

Singer/Band:- Lil Kapow & Shotgun Willy

Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics
Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics

Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Kapow]
Arrrriba, ay, ay, ay, ay, ay
Let’s get this party started, baby
Ay, ay, ay, ayy
Uno, dos, uno, dos, tres, yeah

[Verse 1: Lil Kapow & Shotgun Willy]
I just got piss on my thousand dollar shoes
Fist fighting with a state trooper
Ooh, yeah, watch how I move (Watch how I move)
I’m just tryna fuck, I don’t know who is who, baby
I just put five bitches in a group chat
Slide on your bitch with my clique, like a mousepad (Yeah, yeah)
If he talk shit, go and punch him in his durag
We get money, but you don’t know how to do that
Thank you, [?] I’m tryna hit it in the morning
I do what I want, I got a good lawyer
I don’t leave the house unless the bank is where I’m going
Hanging with my white friends, Tom Sawyer (Gang, gang)
Chopper started poppin’, make him do the Macarena
And she think I’m Michael Scott ’cause I’m retarded ’bout my paper
And the crib is super loud, don’t give a fuck about my neighbors
I just took four pills, looked in the mirror and saw a stranger (Hello)
And I call the Glock “Herbie” ’cause the bitch is fully loaded (What? Bitch)
If you’re not getting money, get away from me, you’re worthless
I close my eyes when I shop, I give a fuck ’bout what I purchase
Got rich as a bitch, but I’m still out here snatchin’ purses (Bitch, bitch, what? Huh? Huh?)
Yeah, yeah, and the choppa make a lil’ nigga breakdance
360 no-scope a nigga like the FaZe Clan (Pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, pew, yeah, yeah)
I leave a nut on her face like a spray tan
Walk around this bitch with more sticks than a caveman (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy)

[Verse 2: Shotgun Willy]
Drugs make me feel like I’m a kid again
Bought a whole island, I’m Hawaiian, now I’m Gilligan
Huts, turn and then nutted on her chinny chin
Beam to his head got him lookin’ like an Indian
No, uh-uh-uh-uh, okay
Anybody here wanna do cocaine?

[Beat Switch]

[Verse 3: Shotgun Willy]
Uh, welcome to the new wave
Craka hid it in my fuckin suitcase
Had to bring it back in from the UK
Kickin’ with your bitch and call me Liu Kang, ooh, ayy
Damn, couple lines of powder
Bossin’ up, just call me Bowser
Damn, tell me what’s his power
Hold up, let me check my scouter
That boy get smoked like sunny
Watch it fold, like origami
Damn boy, I’m super sorry
Watchin’ Dino Tomagachi
Oh yeah, that’s what’s up
Doin’, blowin’, actin’ up
Like hold up, what’s that sound?
Room is spinning ’round and ’round
Need Prozac, heart attack
Tell me where the party at
I’m frozen, super cold
Who that boy, why he actin’ bold?

Lil Kapow x Shotgun Willy Breakdance Video

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