Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn

Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn | New Song 2022

Description:Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song.  Scarlet Dorn has Prepared this song. The song is releasing on 9th September 2022.

Song Meteor
Singer/Band Scarlet Dorn
Album NA
Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn
Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn

Meteor Lyrics Scarlet Dorn


Rocks in the sky on fire
Wishes on ashes to fulfil my desire
You came into my atmosphere
Don’t disappear, don’t disappear

Did you know a shooting star is just a falling stone
The death of an asteroid from the unknown
But somehow I believe in the magic it can do
You know what I wished for?

I wished for you
Wished for you
Please come true
I wished for you

I saw a light above
It burns and crashes but it’s love
You left a trail of stars
But this crater is ours

Meteor Video

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Who sang “Meteor”?

“Scarlet Dorn” Sang the Song “Meteor”.

When was “Meteor” released?

“Meteor” song was released on 8th September 2022

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