Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics

Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics | Sunny Boy

Description:- Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Ritt Momney has prepared this song From Sunny Boy Album. The song is releasing on 22th October 2021.

Song:–  Intro

Singer/Band:- Ritt Momney

Album:-  Sunny Boy Album

Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics
Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics

Ritt Momney Intro Lyrics

Read your lips
“I’m too young for this”
On her couch, I’m lying on my back
She says it might be wrong, but can we
Try it out, she says my name out loud
And I realize that it’s been a while since someone said it
Oh, the sun is coming

Can you go with me?
To the time I missed the growing
And I threw my mom’s window with [?]

Memory, are you holding me?
Cause you know you disappear a time
The [?] inside my head

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