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Sam Fender Mantra Lyrics | Seventeen Going Under

Description:- Sam Fender Mantra Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Sam Fender has prepared this song from Seventeen Going Under Album. The song is releasing on 8th october 2021.

Song:– Mantra

Singer/Band:- Sam Fender

Album:- Seventeen Going Under Album

Sam Fender Getting Started Lyrics
Sam Fender Mantra Lyrics

Sam Fender Mantra Lyrics

[Verse 1]
“Please stop tryin’ to impress people who don’t care about you”
I repeat it as a mantra
I’ve known this wicked waltzer all too long
It’s the cycle I’m stuck on
And I’m tryin’ to be better, but I fall at every hurdle

[Verse 2]
Please stop tryin’ to find comfort in these sociopaths
Their beauty is exclusively on the surface
As they pull you side to side with all their drugs and who’s who stories
And fill that empty space from bein’ a child
Or somethin’ like that

[Verse 3]
Straddle these rustеd wheels and pedal through the gridlock
On this dry summer еvenin’, turn my phone off
I’m not receivin’ anything or anyone
Just the sound of the empty caverns in my skull
Self-loathin’ will be cold if I rise above this lull

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