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Sgpwes Bag Lyrics

Sgpwes Korea Lyrics | Luna

Sgpwes Korea Lyrics | Luna

Description:- Sgpwes Korea Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Sgpwes has Prepared this song from Luna Album. The song is releasing on 21st January 2022.

Song:– Korea

Singer/Band:- Sgpwes

Album:Luna Album

Sgpwes Bag Lyrics
Sgpwes Korea Lyrics

Sgpwes Korea Lyrics

Heheh, haha

They doin’ shit that I did (Huh)
He think he better, he mid (Okay, he mid)
I get the bands, I admit (Ha)
Take that boy off of the grid
Yeah, I got that boy rent on my wrist (Okay)
Canary diamonds look like (Piss)
I walk in the house with a heater (Ha)
My pockets, they fat like Madea (Yeah)
Look at that ho, she a treesh
You broke, I don’t wanna be you (Huh)
You broke, she don’t wanna see you (No)
Everything big, IKEA
She got a brain, great idea (Hey)
My bitch, she bad, she from Korea
(Slatt, slatt)

I’m finna spaz on that bitch (Spaz)
I’m getting mad at you, bitch
Why the fuck you keep taking these pics? (Hey!)
Tryna get me caught up in shit
Huh, I’m in the back of a Tesla
Uh, we put that boy in a stretcher
She think that she a finesser (Blih)
She finna be quick than a bitch
Bitch I’m in first, ain’t no rest (Ha)
We knock him down and see red
Her pussy put me to bed
Talking that shit, now he dead (Woah)
I get the Xan and I’m cray
I’ma take off in a jet (Slatt, uh)
(All y’all rappers still suck)

Bitch, I was sleeping in class
I wanted that bag very bad
I got up and got off my ass (Woah)
I left that bitch now she sad (Yeah)
I left that bitch now I’m glad (Yeah)
I fucked her friend, now she mad (Woah)
I took that ho for the cat
I took that ho ’cause she nag me a lot
I was like thirteen still whippin’ the pot
He think he spiritual, boy you a bot
She think we together, bitch we are not
Look at this forehead, that be a red dot
I’m fuckin’ that bitch and I hit her g-spot
She said that I’m pretty, I get that a lot (Ha)
Look at my pockets, it look like a knot
Look at my pockets, I’m richer than you
Pull up to my spot, what you tryna do? (Yeah)

Walk in this bitch, the flyest in the room
If a nigga talk crazy, get hit wit’ the broom
I hop in that jet, you could hear it go “Vroom”
That boy got a stick but don’t know what to do
I’m jugging that boy out his funds and his loot
We slide on that block, man, that boy a recruit
I walk in her crib and she eat me like fruit (Blih)
I got the sauce, I got the juice
My bitch a star, no Mandy Muse
Your boulevard, what you gon’ do?
Knock off his top, he missing screws
I’m fuckin’ this thot, it ain’t nothin’ new

Oh my god, Wesley!

Sgpwes Korea Video

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