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Sgpwes Bag Lyrics

Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Lyrics | Luna

Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Lyrics | Luna

Description:- Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Sgpwes & KA$HDAMI has Prepared this song from Luna Album. The song is releasing on 21st January 2022.

Song:– Fr

Singer/Band:- Sgpwes & KASHDAMI

Album:Luna Album

Sgpwes Bag Lyrics
Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Lyrics

Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Lyrics

Cody, pass me the strap
Mingo, haha
Mhm, hmm
Yeah, uh, yeah

I’m finna go run it up again
Don’t even know why he callin’ me twin
That nigga broke, why your pockets so thin? (Yeah)
Yeah, my pockets, they look like all blue
I get so high that I’m touchin’ the roof (Yeah)
These niggas broke and it’s crazy (Ha)
Stupid lil’ bitch tryna play me
My chick got mileage, she don’t wanna race me
He tried to copy and paste me (Yeah)
My bitch, she bad, and she Blasian
Bullets turn hot, they gon’ blaze him (Yeah, yeah)
I fuck that ho, we ain’t datin’
No, I can’t have a rеlation
Money, it solve the еquation
He try to run, we gon’ chase him (Yeah)
I like to wear Prada and shit (Ugh)
He mad ’cause I’m fuckin’ his bitch (Yeah)
These niggas, they stay on my dick (Yeah)
They mad ’cause I’m goin’ up quick (Ha)
I spent me a bag on my wrist
I got my (Blick), I ain’t goin’ for shit
I got a bag, she goin’ for it
I’m on the road, tourin’ and shit (Yeah)
Yeah, I think I made his tuition (Ha)
That bitch a thot, I won’t kiss her (Yeah)
Playin’, we sending the Missile (Yeah)
Playin’, we sending the Blitz (Yeah)
I skrrt off in the Benz (Yeah)
We turn that boy to a trend (Yeah)
I pop that boy like a zit (Yeah)

I’m sick
Nigga really thought he could pull my bitch
Tried to shoot yo’ shot and you mo’fuckin’ bricked
Yeah, he talkin’ shit, he get hit with the brick
I got the gun, it came from a ship
These niggas chihuahuas, bitch, I’m a pit
Nigga, you could get shot by association, I don’t give a fuck ’bout who you with
Why all these bitch ass niggas tryna diss?
Nigga, where yo’ flag at if you a cryp?
My niggas don’t chit-chat, bitch, we rip
Lil’ nigga, you a Kit Kat, you could get split
Nigga got killed and nobody knows
KA$HDAMI, I’m the mo’fuckin’ goat
Got a G-Lock with the full sight on
Your bitch on my dick and she tryna bone
Niggas want smoke, then I’m givin’ ’em asthma
Bitch, I’m a big Blood, no plasma
Niggas be food, put ’em on a platter
Nigga tried to grab my gun, so you know that I smacked ’em
I already won, nigga this the [?]
I only spit truth like a mo’fuckin’ pastor
KA$HDAMI just keep goin’ up, nigga I’m climbin’ the ladder (Fah)

I got that bag for real
I got the clamps of steel (Ha)
Just like banana, get peeled (Woah)
I think I might sign a lil’ deal
I got the fire, damn, the drill
I bet I could pay yo’ bills
I need the bands, I’m so for real
My bitch, she bad, she from Brazil (Yeah)

Sgpwes x KASHDAMI Fr Video

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