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Statement Lyrics Digga D | Noughty by Nature

Description:- ​​Statement Lyrics Digga D are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Digga D has Prepared this song from Noughty by Nature Album. The song is releasing on 15th April 2022.

Song:– Statement

Singer/Band:- Digga D

Album:Noughty by Nature Album

Intro NbN Lyrics Digga D
Statement Lyrics Digga D

Statement Lyrics Digga D


Pull up in a motor, move out the way
I catch a M with a two-five and move out of state
My reason opps sound like my SQ way
Came out the same time, that’s a brand new plate
She my friend, but I still wanna mate
Anniversary day, I’ll pay for the date
Should I wet the green one or the chocolate face?
Tryna get a clean run and leave the opp block taped
Cars tired to sit in and circ’ (Circ’)
Get hired to put in the work (Put in the work)
Corn fired, leave him in the dirt
Employers on job, when thеy go they’re alert
Anything ****, lеave tips in his tee
Extended clips in the Glee (Glee)
Hot chocolate, chips and the beef
Feds kicked in the tee and they nicked it for me
I don’t give my shanks out, that’s personal
Choppers, my lyrics are hurtin’ on coppers (Fuck the feds)
‘Cause off of mixtape made a madness
And I saw clothes like personal shoppers (Shoppers)
I don’t wanna speak too soon and jinx it
Slip up and meet the fuckers (Go back to jail)
‘Cause then I be back on the wing tryna make me a ching
And I ain’t too good of a-
I’m in the back of the bike with a brum doin’ pillions
Sweets for the brum, got millions (Millions)
I ain’t goin’ back and forth on the net with hoe
Who is she to make me plead my innocence? (You’re crazy)
Nan warned me, but I didn’t listen
Say “Who don’t hear must feel”, now I’m feelin’
She like the hoe tryna get some dough and I’m 2Pac
Bro, you gotta watch these women
In a kitchen, onions get cut, never cried
Left it at the window and it dried
I still do three for twenty, this ain’t like no other smokin’ high
I’m as hard as Stormzy and Dave, what a statement to make
But I say what I say and I mean it
But you will not agree and say I’m too in these streets
And the act that I got I should clean it
Fuck you

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