Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa

Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa | ​Things With Wings

Description:- ​​Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Ericdoa has Prepared this song from Things With Wings Album. The song is releasing on 20th May 2022.

Song:– Stuck intro

Singer/Band:- ​  Ericdoa

Album:–  Things with Wings Album

Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa
Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa

Stuck intro Lyrics Ericdoa

Stuck, something any mere organism wishes they will never be
Yet something that is never that is in the front of the mind
To be stuck is to be immobile, to be stuck is to endure the horrible taste of failure
To be stuck is to never reach your destination, however, you are not stuck
Because even though that cage seems everlasting, desire outlives decay
You may feel like every step is just another action welcoming the unknown, and you may be right
But for right now, you are here, and the only way to leave the misfortune built around you is to do what seems impossible and to never forget what lies between the skin
I hope that one day we’ll know those dreaded things, since the worst tends to flock together
We will have to grow wings

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