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Description:- Surf No Auto Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Surf has prepared this song From Archangel Album. The song is releasing on 22th October 2021.

Song:– No Auto

Singer/Band:- Surf

Album:-  Archangel Album

Surf Have You Ever Lyrics
Surf No Auto Lyrics

Surf No Auto Lyrics


Don’t need no autotune, they so proud of me, they proud of me
I woke up, might go back to sleep, I feel like I’m a prophecy
I got mindless behavior (Yeah), attitude, just call me, “Prodigy”
Yeah, Dior, Dior, Dior (Dior)
He depressed, he Eeyore (Yeah)
Snatch his wig, do him like Igor
What the hell y’all mad at me for? (Why?)
Diamonds on my wrist, they shine so bright, I can’t even see yours (Yeah)
Money started small, I had to feed it, made it eat more (Yeah)
The hundred’s blue, deprеssion (Woah)
Money counter lessons (Woah)
Thеy comin’ in handy when I’m countin’ up my blessings (Okay)
Ricky for the summer, I got Yeezy for the winter
I got bitches from Toronto flyin’ out to get some dinner
I was really in the trap, you just a rat, you Master Splinter (Ha)
My old bitches comin’ back right now, they see that I’m that nigga (Ha)
Fuck that autotune, don’t need it (No)
Chromeheart, feel like Jesus
I got opps that’s watchin’ me still, my whole team like an allegiance (Ha)
If I showed you my account right now, I swear you won’t believe it (Nah)
I had to double check my balance ’cause the first time, I ain’t see it
I fuck that check up, got it bleeding (Yeah)
Fuck that Tesla, want a Bimmer (Damn)
Sent a text, should’ve delete it (Damn)
Don’t need a cosign nor a feature (No)
My new shorty out in CA
I still got shooters in the VA
I ain’t never had no Gucci but I still be in the EA (Six)
Get that money, bitch, I spend it, yeah
Credit card, no limit, yeah
Post up like I’m Jordan, you can’t knock me off my pivot (Nah)
I don’t do no beefin’, I don’t wanna talk it out (Woah)
Pull up on your block with Glockies out, come see what this Glock about
I don’t smoke OG no more, got zaza and this darkest out
Come through East Atlanta, leave this bitch with all your pockets out
From Moreland to Decatur (‘Catur)
Got pressure for my haters (Yeah)
The QP touchin’ down (Down)
Got zips of different flavors (Yeah)
I really want Saweetie but Jack Harlow beat me to it (Fuck)
I need to do a track with Drizzy, Nike Tech on me, just do it (Yeah)
Got a check on me, I blew it (Huh?)
She so bad but she so stupid (Huh?)
She so easily influenced (Huh?)
Get Chanel and she gon’ lose it (Huh?)
If you really gettin’ money (Huh?), fuck you talkin’ for? Go prove it (Huh?)
On my body, it say “RUINED.” (Huh?)
My New Balance keep me movin’ (Huh?)
Yeah, shooter get to shootin’ (Yeah)
This your life, you choose it, yeah
Could’ve stuck to juggin’, instead, I stuck to music (Oh)
Kickin’ in them doors, don’t nobody make a movement (Woah)
Lighter on my dresser, baby, don’t you make me use it (No)

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