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Surf Runneth Over Lyrics | ARCHANGEL

Description:- Surf Runneth Over Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Surf has prepared this song From Archangel Album. The song is releasing on 22th October 2021.

Song:– Runneth Over

Singer/Band:- Surf

Album:-  Archangel Album

Surf Have You Ever Lyrics
Surf Runneth Over Lyrics

Surf Runneth Over Lyrics

Bro, when it’s your turn, it’s gon’ be special, swear to God
Bruh, why does it say it like that?
Bro, I’m kinda drunk right now
But I love you Blood, I can’t wait to see your ass
One more week, we finna T up
I can really talk my shit for this one
Y’all just don’t fuckin’ know
We went from talking ’bout Yeezy, now we walking for Yeezy
I got some shit I can’t take back in this Maybach, stupid ass

I put my hand across my chest, I pledge allegiance to myself
I’m goin’ crazy ’til I runneth over (‘Til I runneth over)
Yeah, I put my family on my back
Ain’t no more cryin’ in no Camry, rather cry inside a Tesla Roadster (Inside a Tesla Roadster)
Yeah, where’s my Patron?
Too many people tryna get ahold of many two cell phones
I got these crosses over me but you won’t catch me in no chrome (Chrome)
Mason Margiela, my cologne (Yeah), die with my pride inside my bones

[Verse 1]
Man, why the fuck would I go back, get with my exes like I’m lackin’ chromosomes (Why?)
I hit it once, it felt like home
We smoke that boy like Al Capone (Yeah)
I need my flowers while I’m here ’cause I won’t smell ’em when I’m gone (Yeah)
Two different metals on my watch, look at my watch and watch yo’ tone (Ha)
My life so crazy and it’s funny how these niggas tried to play me
When they walk inside that function, bitch, I bet them niggas play me
And it’s funny how I made this shit this far without a playlist
I just stuck right to my basics
If you proud of me then say it (Yeah)
And I know everybody’s a critic but that’s the difference in conversation (Yeah)
I can’t sit and watch no nigga get what I want, I might just take it (Ah)
I told my team and we gon’ make it, I put that shit on my Star of David (Ha)
I got this vision, don’t need LASIK (Nah)
You won’t see it if you too lazy (Yeah)

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She on my nerves but I’m gon’ let her stay (I’m gon’ let her stay)
Tears of codeine, I’m cryin’ purple rain (I’m cryin’ purple rain)
Feel like I’m Prince but I can’t change my name (Oh, I can’t change my name)
You make me numb inside my chest, it feel like Novacaine (Woah)
I know I’m not the only one that feel it when it’s strange
You know that feeling that you get when you know someone change
I pop a pill, my feelings fade, that’s how I cope with pain
I’m askin’ God for anything to take you from my brain

[Verse 2]
He tried to do me bad, I swear we spin his block like Taz’
I do this for my dad, I swear, I give that man my last
I swore I’ll never cheat but I’ll do what I’ll do to pass
We make him bleed ’cause he a bitch, we give that boy a pad
We had no time to do this shit, we had to do it fast
Broke out them chains, put on my chain, feel like I’m free at last
I pray to god to keep me safe behind this digi-dash
My mama at them pearly gates and she gon’ see me spazz

[Instrumental Outro]

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