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Surf Still Alive Lyrics | ARCHANGEL

Description:- Surf Still Alive Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Surf has prepared this song From Archangel Album. The song is releasing on 22th October 2021.

Song:– Still Alive

Singer/Band:- Surf

Album:-  Archangel Album

Surf Have You Ever Lyrics
Surf Still Alive Lyrics

Surf Still Alive Lyrics

It’s the real gang, lil’ bitch (Yeah, yeah)

Tool on me, no mechanic (Yeah)
Blow that bag, don’t panic (Yeah)
White girl on me, no famine (Yeah)
Hella Jackson’s, no Janet (Ha, yeah)
Ice on me, Titanic, hey (Ha)
Yeah, bankroll look gigantic, yeah (Ha)
Keep me a pack, no fanny, yeah
How the fuck did I manage? Yeah
Pop out the cut, do damage (Damage, ha)
Fani bandana bandit, yeah
AK came with bananas, yeah (Uh-huh)
Black and white shit like panda, yeah (Uh-huh, Gianni)
Upgraded my standards (Ha), got a bitch that came with manners (Manners)
My bro died off them pills (Pills)
I gotta stop poppin’ these Xannies
Yeah and it’s all “GG” like Kellogg’s (Kell’)
That boy was up but he fell off (Off)
And I really been gettin’ this money (Ha)
I could show y’all, I don’t gotta tell y’all (Damn)
Sippin’ pink like Benadryl, I was off a pill, goin’ for the kill (Kill)
Diamonds on me, they be deep water, if I blow the wheel, I’m a Navy SEAL (Yeah)
Blowin’ gas for the thrill (Yeah)
New Vivian give me chills (Yeah)
New bitches come to the crib (Yeah)
So many bullets fit in the clip (Ha)
Talk to the devil, I made a deal (Deal)
I fuck that bitch and we made a film (Uh)
You said that you would be lovin’ me (Damn)
How in the hell is you lovin’ him? (Damn, it’s the real gang, lil’ bitch)
I got a girl who live in Paris
She be sayin’, “Comment allez-vous?” (Vous)
Shawty be tellin’ it’s my world, I didn’t know that I had the juice (Juice)
I put the team on my back like Luca (Yeah)
Yeah, I’m a real good shooter
Countin’ this money, let’s do it
Boy, you a square, no Rubik’s (Yeah)
Yeah, smokin’ this gas, wanna lose myself
You ain’t gettin’ money, gotta shoot yourself (Gianni)
You wanna win, gotta prove yourself (Woah)
You in the way, better move yourself (Woah)
Walk in the crib like, “Who goes there?” (Who go there?)
Keep me a strap like, “Who gon’ dare?” (Gon’ dare)
Need two hoes like, “Who gon’ pain?” (You gon’ pair)
Runnin’ this shit like, “Who compare?” (Compare)
Know you a opp like, “You gon’ tell” (Gon’ tell)
Jump out the crib like, “Who gon’ sell?” (You sell)
Jump out the roof, I’m too compelled (Compelled)
Too many people, I need two phones (Yeah)
Shawty won’t ever just leave me alone (Yeah)
She gettin’ mad ’cause I’m leadin’ her on (Yeah)
Foot on the pedal, I’m speedin’ back home (Yeah)
I like it, then I buy, don’t even check that price (No)
I don’t gamble with my life (No)
I don’t even roll those dice (Nah)
In these streets, I’m certified
I had so many sleepless nights (Yeah)
Know I make my mama cry if she seen me with her eyes (Yeah)
No, my life it wasn’t nice (Damn)
Somehow, I be still alright
Somehow, I’m here, I’m still alive
Somehow, I’m here, I stayed alive
Somehow, I’m here, I’m still alive
Somehow, I’m here, I stayed alive
Somehow, I’m here, I’m still alive
Somehow, I’m here, I stayed alive

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