Surf Have You Ever Lyrics

Surf x Jovanis Cain Fleece Lyrics | ARCHANGEL Album

Description:- Surf x Jovanis Cain Fleece Lyrics are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Surf & Jovanis Cain has prepared this song From Archangel Album. The song is releasing on 22th October 2021.

Song:–  Fleece

Singer/Band:- Surf & Jovanis Cain

Album:-  Archangel Album

Surf Have You Ever Lyrics
Surf x Jovanis Cain Fleece Lyrics

Surf x Jovanis Cain Fleece Lyrics

[Intro: Surf]
Yeah (Yeah)
Woah (Ha), woah (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Surf]
My new bitch could’ve been on Vogue (Vogue)
My White girl got white on her nose (Nose)
Pop this Perc’, finna get in my mode (Mode)
So much guap, could’ve bought the whole store (Store)
My old bitch said, “Swallow your ego”
Told that bitch, “Come swallow my load” (Ha)
I can’t name one nigga I owe
Can’t name one nigga that’s better than me (No)
Can’t work no job, stop scheduling me
Stop textin’ my phone all sexually (Ha)
He wanna talk all that shit on the DM
Uppin’ the strap when I pull up and see him
Niggas’ my sons, I don’t gotta be ’em
Treat me like a king, callin’ me, “Leon'”
Uh, what in the fuck did you mean? (What?)
Niggas be takin’ my steeze, uh
I spent your rent on my jeans, yeah
Been in the field with the cleats, uh
Chopper get hotter than fleece, yeah
She always know what I need
I put a hole in that boy like cheese

[Verse 2: Jovanis Cain]
My money tall like Yao Ming
We on the phone, I’m like, “Ayy, ho
Boot it up, what you say, ho?”
Pour this syrup inside my Faygo
My new bitch, the color mayo
Dior, Dior, hoes follow me like Eeyore
Got me a bag, I think I need more
Goin’ too fast, this shit is a two-door
Bullets gon’ hit like follow the leader
My bitch bad, yeah, she off the meter
My bitch foreign, she look like Anita
Bitch, wearin’ my mask, I feel like Peter
Bitch, where my stick? I feel Jeter
I need my cheese, I need Velveta
Hop on a flight, travel for leisure
Give her the pipe, shawty a pleaser, damn

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[Verse 3: Jovanis Cain & Surf]
Yeah, we on the phone
I wanna fuck, she talk with the moan
Keep playin’ games, well bitch, I’m grown
Dior shades, can’t see what I’m on
My new stick is hot like grease
Know them niggas envy me
Fuck that bitch, like, “R.I.P.”
Back in the club, it’s VIP
Back in the bank, I’m back for a bag (Ha)
Most of these niggas so cap, that’s sad (Ha)
Most of my hoes got BBLs
Make an appointment then fly her right back
Glock .17, man, it need an ID
Seventeen shots in him, now he need an IV
Walk in this bitch like C-O-D
They wanna see from my P-O-V
Fuckin’ this girl, it’s too lowkey
Eatin’ this dick, girl, please don’t leave (Yeah)
I ball like I’m in the NBA
You play like you in the Euroleague (Ha)
Been had money, I been OG
My New York bitch said, “You O.D.”
Beat up the pack like UFC
I seen everything like UAV

[Outro: Surf]
Yes, I like bad bitches, I like big booties
I like fast cars, I like big houses, I like shit that I can’t afford
You my biggest hater (You my biggest hater)
That bitch over there, she my biggest hater (She my biggest hater)
Your mammy, your pappy, they my biggest haters, ah

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