Together Lyrics Redveil

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Description:- ​​Together Lyrics Redveil are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Redveil has Prepared this song from Learn 2 Swim Album. The song is releasing on 20th April 2022.

Song:– Together

Singer/Band:-  Redveil

Album:Learn 2 Swim Album

Together Lyrics Redveil
Together Lyrics Redveil

Together Lyrics Redveil

I agree with the Lord
It’s all working together
It’s all working together
Say yes
Yeah, yeah
It’s all working together
Yo, uh, uh, yeah
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1]
Said when that air in your lung, what you gon’ do with that breath?
Watch the weight of my tongue, put my name on my chest
I never shame my reflection
Steady tryna pop, I ain’t naming Excedrin
Niggas tried to hold, I became the exception
Running in a lane that was paved by my brethren
Fuck the acclaim
I just want my people never touching the pain again
In case they ever try to fuck with our brains again

Yeah, try to fuck with our brains again
Try to fuck with our brains again
Yeah, try to fuck with our brains again
Uh, uh, uh, uh

[Verse 2]
See I hit that stream of water
Now I’m at the bottom drenched
All that bottled resentment, still at the top where it’s meant to rot
Now I’m following up with all that I kept behind the zipper
I’m never slipping or hitting the rocks
Don’t understand how they still scared of change these days
Can’t explore each other if it ain’t exchange these days
I’m on that I’m alive, can’t complain these days
Niggas steady on they hide from the prize
These days I arrive to the scene seeking out any gleam of the pie
I been fixing my ear to hear my stomach cry
Hiding make it plummet
Think my summit when my pulse stop
With me we don’t covet
We gon’ hunt it if we want it
Let that needle hit 100, nigga
Every day I run it, I can’t breathe if I’m a puppet, nigga
Everything I wanted, at my fingertips
The shit I fiddled with, know I’m becoming
Advancing as long as the pendulum running
No succumbing
Learn to swim if you coming, nigga

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