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Description:Totem Lyrics Soulfly are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Soulfly has Prepared this song which is from Totem Album. The song is releasing on 5th August 2022.

Song Totem
Singer/Band Soulfly
Album Totem Album
Rot in Pain Lyrics Soulfly
Totem Lyrics Soulfly

Totem Lyrics Soulfly

The sickness of the heart
Exposed to the flame
Bound and tortured
Pulled into nothing
Living predation
Descend into blackness
Sadistic the silence
Coiled in the wings of sacrifice

To martyr yourself
In a world of isolation
Your days are consumed
A life of slow decay
Wasting away
Persecuted, paralyzed
Behind these haunted eyes
No one speaks, no one tries

Idol of barbarity

Whеre were you
Whеn I was bludgened helpless
Where were you
When I was tortured senseless

Idol of barbarity

Grotesque eternal eyes
Sunk in the edge of infinity
Land of sorrow
Shadows of the earth
I once prayed to the gods
Tragic fury
Grant us strength
To inhale eternity
Idol of barbarity
Plead for the end

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Who sang “Totem”?

Soulfly” Sang the Song “Totem”.

When was “Totem” by “Soulfly” released?

“Totem” song was released on 5th August 2022.

Who produced “Totem Album”?

“Arthur Rizk” are the producers of “Totem Album.”

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