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Treesha Lyrics Lil Tecca | New Song 2022

Description:Treesha Lyrics Lil Tecca are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Lil Tecca has Prepared this song. The song is releasing on 19th August 2022.

Song ​Treesha
Singer/Band  Lil Tecca
Album NA
Treesha Lyrics Lil Tecca
Treesha Lyrics Lil Tecca

Treesha Lyrics Lil Tecca

Lyrics from Snippets

Ayy, ayy (Rah), ayy
Oh, oh-oh-oh (Menoh!)
Rah, oh, rah, oh (Oh, oh-oh-oh)
Squad, oh, yeah

Put that on your life (Yeah, squad)
I’m loyal to my brothers and I put that on my life (Gang)
On the ‘Gram in my DM’s, why yo’ bitch wan’ be my wife? (Yeah)
She say she like my timin’ (Oh), feature Patek, diamonds fight (Gang)

And I don’t have no opps
‘Cause when I bang (Bang), they drop (Drop)
She like to dance a lot (Yeah)
Shawty a treesha (Yeah), I know she need me, yeah (Yeah)
‘Cause I got the Benji’s (Yeah, yeah)
She love me, she havin’ a frenzy (Oh, yeah-yeah)
Might go fuck your bitch in the telly (Oh, yeah-yeah)
Real nigga, I know that you feel me (Oh, yeah-yeah)

She savage, she smokin’ on dope, no dro
And she stirred up the pot, oh
She not part of the squad, oh
Was just fuckin’ the squad, oh…

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Who sang “​Treesha”?

“​Lil Tecca” Sang the Song “​Already Gone “.

When was “​Treesha ” by “Lil Tecca” released?

“​Treesha ” song was released on 19th August 2022.


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