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Void of Course Lyrics Mimo | Mars Took Over

Description:- ​​Void of Course Lyrics Mimo are given in this post. This is a Brand New Song. Mimo has Prepared this song from Mars Took Over Album. The song is releasing on 27th May 2022.

Song:– Void of Course

Singer/Band:- ​ Mimo

Album:–  Mars Took Over Album

So Far So Good Lyrics Mimo
Void of Course Lyrics Mimo

Void of Course Lyrics Mimo

It’s a heartbreaking solitude
To be seeking only the truth
I’m done looking at myself
In every mirror in the room
They can never see me through

I’m glad you found your answers
I’m glad you don’t dwell nor remember
I’m glad, but I’m never satisfied
Though I’m sitting next to everyone I love

Plenty more success, if I had no morals
Many more riches, way less quarrels
They like smoke and mirrors
I don’t do no glitters
Aiming for the moon
While they cherish mediocre
I guess it’s a lonely road to fill the void

Twist and shout
I don’t feel like dancing
Running men and schemes
Romancing, taboos and sweetness
Sadé with the claws out
If you got the tea but no breakfast
Casually, throwing toasty shade
On my happy ending
Hard to read, she’s unseen
Never caught misspelling
May I please?
Basically, all things vaporize
Everything you glamorize
Remember when I sang a song about a sad face ?

Tripping with my mind wide open
How am I stuck in this loop again ?
Found the missing beat of my heart
Breaking, how did I win if we’re apart?
Impractically in love with my old ways
Mellow drama like always
Circling back, of course
It’s a familiar road

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